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Edgar Hansen endorses Chevron Hydraulic oils

Edgar Hansen Discusses Chevron Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW

Chevron Lubricants Can Help You Run Better Longer. Captain Edgar Hansen discusses how he uses Chevron Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oils, Delo® Heavy Duty Motor Oils, along with heavy-duty moly greases in his fishing vessel, The Northwestern.

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Inland Marine

Associated Concrete Aggregate Haul Truck

Associated Concrete Aggregate Haul Truck achieves 2.4M+ kilometers of life using Delo Family of products.

Commercial Cement & Quarry Construction

Fraser Alexander Bulk Transport's success with Delo

Fraser Alexander achieves 21,000+ hours of engine life in a Mining Articulated Dump truck using Delo XLD

Commercial Cement & Quarry Construction Mining

Delo 400 Multigrade help Asarco Ray Mine

Asarco Ray Copper Mine achieves 21,000 hours of operation with Delo 400.


Delo 400 at HJ Lind & Sons

HJ Lind & Sons achieves 16,000 hours of operation in an agricultural tractor using Delo 400

Commercial Agriculture & Farming